Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Wednesday - 5/16/18
How to Grow Your MSP Business & Avoid Missed Opportunities
Massive Networks
Are you getting the maximum value out of your MSP business, and delivering maximum value to your customers? What are you doing to differentiate yourself in the marketplace? And how can you grow your customer base and margins going forward? Get tips from your MSP peers and potential partners on what’s possible. Attendees of this session will learn: - How to position themselves as trusted partners and thought leaders - How to make MSP solutions stickier, so business customers buy more and stick around longer - What cross-sell and upsell opportunities MSPs should consider, and - What else MSPs can do to position themselves for success
Wednesday - 5/16/18
The Power of Visibility, Analytics, Automation & Visualization
Organizations today rely heavily on connected applications and networks to run their businesses and serve their customers. So when applications and networks don’t perform as expected, businesses can lose credibility, customers, and revenues. The fact that there are so many moving pieces within the digital enterprise makes application and network assurance especially challenging. And that complexity continues to multiply. This session will explain: - How MSPs can use new tools to make sure their business customers’ applications perform as needed - How MSPs can better secure business applications and networks - And how AI, auto-discovery, automation, data collection, correlation, analytics, machine learning, and visualization can help enable all that.
Wednesday - 5/16/18
How To Profitably Add UC and Telecom to Your Service Offering
Adding unified communications and telecom is often an overlooked opportunity to easily increase revenue, It can seem confusing and daunting to those who haven’t built out a voice practice. However, with some thoughtful planning, an MSP can create a highly profitable, recurring revenue stream by becoming its customers’ go-to for voice. This session will focus on: - How to profitably add UC and telecom as add-on services - How to position and sell this new offering for best results - How to evaluate and select what platform to enable this - What deployment choices are available to MSPs adding UC and telecom - How to address other concerns such as billing, support, and taxing issues
Thursday, May 17, 2018
Thursday - 5/17/18
Addressing Security as an MSP. Want to be an MSSP?
Area 1 Security
Cybersecurity is an important consideration for virtually every business today. And if it’s not, it should be. A quick glance at the headlines illustrates why organizations need to secure their data, devices, and networks – and why they need to do that now. That much is clear. What’s unclear to most businesses is exactly how to do that. And that’s where you come in. This session will: - Explain how MSPs can can provide enhanced security without adding complexity and overhead - Offer details on the how Security Information and Event Management solutions can help with that - Provide information on other cybersecurity solutions and opportunities - Discuss how MSPs can sell, package, and price these offerings
Thursday - 5/17/18
How MSPs Can Drive Digital Transformation
We’re hearing a lot about digital transformation lately. And although most businesses are aware that they need to change in light of digital disruption, it’s difficult to know where to start. They’re also challenged by the fact that people who have the expertise to shape, evangelize, implement, and perfect digital transformation strategies are hard to find. We’ve all by now heard about the tech talent gap, right? In this session, we’ll address: - • What digital transformation is - Why it’s happening - What it entails for businesses and partners - And why MSPs are uniquely positioned to provide organizations with support and advice on their digital transformations
How MSPs Can Compete in the Age of the Hyperscale Cloud Provider
Businesses large, medium, and small are turning to the big cloud service providers in growing numbers to control their IT infrastructure costs and more effectively scale. It can be tough for managed service providers to compete with giants like Amazon, with AWS; Microsoft, with Azure; and the Google, with the Google Cloud Platform. But consider this. Businesses still need significant support to decide what to move to the cloud and when, manage cloud migrations, keep operations running as they move to hybrid and cloud-based environments, and more. Attendees of this session will learn: - How the popularity of cloud services creates an opening for MSPs - How MSPs can move on that opportunity - How some MSPs are already doing that, and with what results