TMC and ITEXPO Present

Enterprise Up Market Sales Manager Leadership Development and Certification

One-day Session - Tuesday, February 11, 2020
9:00am - 4:00pm
Fee is $495 - or included with TechSuperShow Super Pass

Ready to Accelerate Your Entire Team and Channel - Get the Complete Comprehensive Enterprise Sales Manager Acceleration Program

The one-day above course is an element of a comprehensive Enterprise Sales Acceleration - B2B Professional Development Program If you have questions, please email [email protected]. REGISTER TODAY

For the First Time Manager, Team Reboot, Channel Partner Sales Managers, Refresh/Update/Benchmark, Business Turn Around and Growth Accelerator Managers. This one-day class will:

  • Review proven sales manager leadership concepts to "listen, learn, lead" and build a successful and long-lasting sales performance team.
  • Look inside one's own sales skills then engage and expand with colleagues and company culture, compensation challenges.
  • Develop and build your own sales leadership style and evaluate performance conditions for overcoming "plateau sales" performance and review compensation concepts.
  • Overcome the "hire-fire" cycle and sales-revenue ramp slope and "gaps."
  • Learn effective skills for team, customer, public and other speaking events.
  • Build counter-intuitive approaches to typical customer crisis situations to build a win-win outcomes.
  • Work up and downstream to keep the team aligned with corporate metrics and goals to gain-retain customers and reduce the sales cycle.
  • Explore new social selling concepts, future tech sales and tech trends.
  • Engage in group and private discussions with proven industry sales leaders.
  • and personal innovative insights and answers to critical questions.

  • This proven sales revenue acceleration program across thousands of B2B sales professionals that:

  • Reduces sales cycle
  • Increases competitive edge
  • Reduces staff turmoil and turnover
  • Produces higher margins
  • Provides improved sales leadership
  • Is designed for Small, Medium, Major, Channel and Enterprise Markets
  • Addresses UC, Collaboration, IT, VAR, MSP, Cloud, Security, IoT, other providers and channel partners
  • Presents enterprise solutions selling scenarios.
  • Understands what customers especially enterprise business customers are looking for and expect from a provider of integrated applications solutions and networking services.
  • Understands what are the situations, success factors and solutions in making the sale and how you can make a difference in your prospective and ongoing customer relations.
  • And, most importantly, maximizes the confidence-to-close factor and the customer gain-retain ratio.