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Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Tuesday - 2/13/24
MSP Expo Tech Track
How AI is Changing Cyber Security

Palm B

Cyber security should be top of mind for every business and has created a massive opportunity for MSPs. As cyber threats evolve, traditional security measures are no longer sufficient. This session looks at AI's unparalleled capabilities in predictive threat modeling, anomaly detection, rapid-response strategies, automated learning, and more, fortify security postures and reduce vulnerabilities far beyond the capabilities of traditional methods. Attendees will gain insights into how to implementing these advanced technologies within their own service offerings and infrastructures to optimize their security services, avert cyber incidents, and drive revenue. Embrace the future of cyber defense and learn how integrating AI can provide a robust security posture, ensuring client trust and business continuity in an era of ever-escalating digital threats.
Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Wednesday - 2/14/24
MSP Expo Business Track
How to Sell AI-Enhanced Services to Drive Revenue

Palm A

This session uncovers strategies MSPs can implement o leverage AI capabilities in their service offerings, enhancing value propositions and driving business growth. As AI transforms the technological landscape, clients seek advanced solutions for their complex challenges. This session will equip attendees with insights into identifying client needs, articulating the benefits of AI-enhanced services, and overcoming objections, to allow them to position these offerings effectively within the market and specific client needs. Key takeaways will include understanding the unique selling points of AI services, mastering the nuances of client-centric sales strategies, and anticipating market evolution. This session is a must-attend for MSPs aiming to stay competitive in an AI-driven era, ensuring sustainable revenue growth.
Thursday, February 15, 2024
Thursday - 2/15/24
MSP Expo Business Track
Building a Better MSP Business with AI

Palm A

Robert Isaacs
Nine Minds
Oren Rosen
eProc Solutions
AI is impacting nearly every industry. Companies are leveraging AI to generate efficiencies, improve service delivery, and create new opportunities. This discussion will look at how MSPs can integrate AI into their business models to improve internal operations and external communications and interactions through effective use of data and automation tools driven by the latest AI technologies. From marketing to sales to support, where can your MSP improve on current capabilities to drive new operational efficiencies and build better relationships with customers – to ultimately improve your revenue streams?
Thursday - 2/15/24
MSP Expo Tech Track
Creating Better IT Services with AI

Palm B

As MSPs look to optimize their service delivery, they need to look no further than Artificial Intelligence. As customer expectations evolve, AI integration stands as a pivotal differentiator in delivering efficient, proactive services. AI has the power to transform the ITSM, RMM, Help Desk, and other services MSPs are already offering, enabling them to deliver better results while empowering them to grow their businesses faster. This session features strategies for enhancing MSP service portfolios using AI, including an exploration of AI-driven advancements that revolutionize issue resolution, automate complex processes, and predict system failures for rapid mitigation. The discussion will demonstrate how AI elevates service quality, optimizes resource allocation, and drives customer satisfaction through faster and more accurate support interactions. By harnessing AI's potential, MSPs can not only anticipate client needs with unprecedented accuracy but also unlock new revenue streams, ensuring sustainable business growth.